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Free Mini-Course: How to Master Etsy SEO

Actionable tactics to help your shop get to the first page!

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Etsy SEO has always been one of those things that I avoided doing.

I was inconsistent with my titles, tags and descriptions and didn't feel I needed to put in the work to get it right. I didn’t understand the importance and thought my products would just be found organically.

I often wondered how all these other shops were getting hundreds of sales while I only had 10 after 2 months of my shop being open. I made nice looking furniture, that in my opinion was better than most others in the marketplace.

I wanted to hear that Cha-Ching so bad!

What was the deal?!

Well, it turns out that there is a strategy that can lead to more product views, favorites and SALES!

It took me a while to learn it ... but when I did, boy was it life changing!

Your Instructor

Tristan Pereida-Rice
Tristan Pereida-Rice

I'm Tristan Pereida-Rice, an Etsy Entrepreneur, woodworker and teacher. I grew my Etsy shop, Pereida-Rice Woodworking to over $165,000/year in just under two years. I love sharing the bits of knowledge I've acquired over the years with other passionate hardworking people.

Class Curriculum

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Available in days
days after you enroll

"I thought it was very helpful. Some things I love about the course, is that there are not lengthy introductions to the subject. Sometimes people like to include their whole life story with these courses to include some extra advertising for themselves. I appreciate that this was not the case for this course."

- Stephanie Grimond

"WOW. I loved it. I seriously had no idea how vital SEO is, which seems silly now, but I now understand how to bring more traffic in." - Elizabeth Chung from Graceful Gardens

"Tristan was great to work with and all my questions were always answered very quickly. The customer service I received throughout the process was phenomenal."

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